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Guidance for students/visitors who don't speak Italian (If you speak Italian, please refer to this link)

The health and safety of everyone is a major priority. Here are some important things to remember before starting your activity:

        A) never stop to follow the rules and the guidelines (point 1, 2 and 3) during your stay with us:

  1. Laboratory safety rules (A laboratory is a place, building or part of a building used for scientific activities that may be hazardous.)
  2. Safety guidelines in outdoor education and research activities
  3. Emergency guidelines

    B) fill in:

  4. Safety rules receipt (download the pdf and complete it with Acrobat Reader and consign it to Mrs Alessandra Carraro, 3d floor)
  5. Registration form of students and their risk activities (the form must be filled in by your supervisor and just if your activity will last more than 6 months; you will receive it in pdf format by email. Print it, get your supervisor to sign the document and consign it to Mrs Alessandra Carraro, 3d floor).

The purpose of the registration form (point 5) is to ensure the identification, assessment and control of risks associated with the activities carried out in the Department or in the field. Depending on the risks of your activities, it is possible that Office of health calls you for a general health check-up, to verify if you are adequate for a specific risk activity.

List of our laboratories

Name Person in charge Dept. code Floor Building code Room code Building name
Analisi bio-combustibili Raffaele Cavalli D320000 0 1000B 14 Agripolis corpo laboratori
Dendrocronologia Tiziana Urso D320000 2 1000B 44 Agripolis corpo laboratori
Ecologia Forestale Tiziana Urso D320000 2 1000B 43 Agripolis corpo laboratori
Idrologia forestale Marco Borga D320000 0 1000B 5 Agripolis corpo laboratori
Laboratori Conegliano Simone Vincenzi 0KT0000 1 1600 1001-1007 Lab. Conegliano
Laboratorio polifunzionale per applicazioni meccaniche Luigi Sartori D320000 0 00380 4-6 Azienda agraria corpo B
Laboratorio ecologia montana San Vito Cadore Tommaso Anfodillo D320000 1 00540 6 Lab. Ecologia Montana
Patologia vegetale II piano e serra Lucio Montecchio D320000 3
0 (*)
1000M (*)
10 (*)
Agripolis corpo laboratori
Patologia vegetale e tecnologie fitopatologiche III piano Luca Sella D320000 3 1000C 81-83 Agripolis corpo laboratori
Xilologia Tiziana Urso D320000 2 1000B 42 Agripolis corpo laboratori
Laboratorio di costruzioni rurali Stefano Guercini D320000 0 00380 13 Azienda agraria corpo B

(*) = Greenhouse

Who works in the Department should also follow an appropriate induction programme, by online learning courses. Please refer to your supervisor or responsable lab to enroll for the proper courses.

If you need help/information, or you cannot find what you are looking for please contact vinicio.carraro@unipd.it, or the phone number 2699.

Work responsibly and if you feel that you cannot do a job safely, don't do it and let your supervisor know about any problem.

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