Thephor is patent pending by the University of Padua (Italy), made in Italy by an artisan business factory with a long tradition and experience (Costruzioni Meccaniche Carabin C., Valle di Cadore, Belluno, Italy).

Trephor is a tool specifically designed for extracting small cylindrical wood fragments (15 mm in length and 2 mm in diameter) from living trees.

The microcores contain the outmost stem tissues (bark, phloem, cambial zone) and the most recently formed tree rings. It can perform rapid and high-quality sampling with little damage to the stems.

The harder, sharp cutting tip can be driven into the wood without damage to its edge and the tougher steel base part does not shatter when struck by the hammer during sampling procedures.

The innovative shape, technical characteristics and the materials used allow high-quality microcores to be obtained, even after taking hundreds of samples.

On request it is possible to order items having a different size.

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