Understanding Earth-Surface Processes in the Alpine Environment from High Resolution Topography
European Geosciences Union Summer School 2013
Centre of studies of Alpine Environment (San Vito di Cadore, Dolomites, ITALY)
Training in field acquisition, processing and interpretation of high resolution topographic data with ground-based (GPS, Terrestrial Laser Scanner) and airborne instruments (LiDAR, Light Detection and Ranging), for the recognition of geomorphic signatures (erosion, landslides, channel heads, channel network) and for the understanding earth-surface processes in the Dolomites-Alpine context. The students will understand the main critical issues that usually occur during a TLS field survey in a natural and complex environment, and during the processing of high resolution topographic data in a workstation. Comparison to airborne LiDAR will serve as the basis to discuss about the suitability of remote sensing instruments for the recognition of features at different spatial scales and taking account of data uncertainty. Then, after evaluating and processing the topographic data, the methods for the objective extraction of geomorphic features related to channel heads, channel network, shallow landsliding processes, and bank erosion in a complex mountainous terrain will be tested.
Keynote talk in the morning, PC-lab working groups in the afternoon, round table discussions, two days field expedition with instruments in high altitude and remote area (> 2000 m a.s.l.), final project work with 30 presentation each group (the results will be presented at EGU General Assembly 2014), "EGU Diploma Ceremony" during the social dinner (3rd August night).