EM MEDfOR  in Padova

Some information for the 2nd year selection

A presentation of University of Padova (ppt file)
A presentation of the Agripolis campus (pdf file)
A presentation of the 1st and 2nd years of the MEDfOR program in Padova 

To download:
The University of Padova student guide
A map of Padova

Contact persons:

Maurizio Minicuci - Office for International Relations - EM program
Susanne Kloehn - Tutor for the foregn students at the School
Davide Pettenella - Coordinator of the MEDfOR program

Some useful links:

Study in Italy (the Italian university system, visa, ...)
University of Padova (students' services, study programs, ...)
University Accomodation service  (students lodges, private accomodation, ...)
Italian language courses at University of Padova

Travel and transport:

Venice Marco Polo Airport
Treviso Airport
State Railway - Trenitalia
Padova Bus Service 

Basic information on coffee drinking in Italy